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A website is a great branding and marketing tool for any small business. It is also essential for a business strategy to ensure its brand, location and products are found in search engine listings.For businesses that do not yet have a website, their goal for having a website in 2012 should be:

  • Discovery: Make sure your business can be found on the internet by users searching online for a business in search engines, maps and loca
  •  Engagement: Save your customers time by providing them an easy way to get information on your busines
  •  Sales: Get sales and leads from engaged visitors
  •  Service: provide information and tools for website visitors who have already made the purchase

 2012 will be the year of both the website owner and website visitor. Businesses will rediscover the marketing power of their websites. Users with an extensive choice of information on the internet will give their blessings to simply designed sites with easy to find information. Search engines will bless sites that are updated more frequently with better rankings. Social media integration will help websites spread their information far and wide and savvy website owners will use analytics to continuously tweak their websites based on visitor behavior. Entry pages, bounce rate, click paths will become easier lingo to follow and use for business purposes.

2012 will be a call to action to those business owners who used the build -it-and-forget it policy for their websites to wake up and get the online marketing and brand engine going. If you don’t believe me, search Google for your competition or look how your customers are reviewing you on social sites like Yelp.


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