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Our SEO prices

I want to be at the top of the google search results for my keyword in 2 days, how much does that cost? A real SEO expert will be honest with you and tell you  that its impossible, which is the truth.Many people always send us inquiries related to SEO pricing, What does SEO cost? The answer we always tell our good clients is that it depends... some people find this very annoying but we are always happy to use analogies to make the explanation easy to understand...

Pricing SEO is equally difficult. It is quite complex. How high are you willing to jump up the search engine ladder? How fast are you going to run?  Its important for us to know this if I we  are to estimate how much energy and resources you’ll need.
Several external factors and ranking signals skew the scenario further.

We break down our pricing on a case by case basis but the real work starts right from Domain name registration. It starts with a good domain name, then design and keyword selection, page content etc. Different people have different needs, but the end result is that being on the first page of key search engines earns you free advertising which saves you thousands of dollars per week which is the point we try to drive home. 

If you are on the second page of the search result, we can easily get you to the 1st page compared to someone who is on page 80 which is generally useless as far as driving traffic is concerned-No one is going to scroll 80 pages to get you unless they are led by the Holy Spirit!

So Is SEO too good to be true? Are SEO consultants snake oil salespeople who are out to trick and cheat you? Yes, there are crooks and cheats out there, and you ought to keep your eyes open and your feet firmly on the ground. But any Internet marketing manager or business owner who is still not taking SEO seriously should consider stepping down. Because, let’s face it… the most dangerous person is yourself! Especially if you’re a frugal penny pincher looking for cheap results. Remember, in SEO as with life, you reap what you sow! In the construction industry, there used to be people who dug with shovels. A company that invented and used the “digging machine” made results happen faster, easier and at lower cost. Effective SEO is just like that. It can bring you better results faster and at a lower cost. That’s why you shouldn’t even consider letting anyone else handle your SEO tasks. What does a rope cost? Asking how much SEO will cost is like asking how much rope costs. It will depend upon how many meters you need, the quality of the rope, what you plan to use it for, or how long you want it to last. You can buy the cheapest rope you find, but will it be good enough? Hiring an SEO consultant is similar. Just like rope has its per meter price, SEO has a price too – maybe a per hour rate. How many hours you will pay for depends upon all these factors we’ve discussed earlier. And what you pay for is not what it costs you. That is defined by the return you get on your investment. If an SEO consultant delivers a boost in sales and profit that’s 5, 10 or 25 times what you paid, it didn’t cost you anything!

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