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Welcome to Efoundation IT (U) Ltd, Uganda's Leading Web Design and Hosting company and Internet Marketing guru. Get to know us and you will like our company. We know something that many other hosting providers don't. Web hosting is about people, not about websites. This means that when we design our web hosting services and products we put ourselves in position of website owners who use them.

Efoundation IT (U)limited  is a Quality Web Hosting provider.  We started our business in Africa and are continuing to grow.  Since then Efoundation IT (U) Ltd  is a company which now has a number of successful web hosting services.

Our hosting service offers reliable and dedicated hosting services at good prices to our clients.

Our managed hosting Servers is well-known with its reliability and high-level of customization for managed hosting solutions.

We are global website hosting provider with thousands of customers on all continents. We have customers who are satisfied with our services.

Efoundation IT (U)limited  strives to share our technological experience and the culture of modern society with our community of customers. This means that Efoundation IT (U)limited  is focused on offering a variety of opportunities to our customers and business partners. We strive to be responsible in all our business transactions, and work hard to secure your online enterprise with first-class web hosting and website services

We do "proper web hosting". This means zero tolerance about overselling. Efoundation IT (U)limited fulfils its promises and never limits the usage of your web hosting service. As a honest hosting business, we provide customers with as many resources as possible.We handle all the tasks and get down to business from the moment you tell us there's something to be done. There is no "8 am - 6 pm" in Efoundation IT (U)limited . Any task of our clients is of real time urgency to us.When we need more time to complete it we set deadlines for each piece of site upgrade and keep our clients informed at all times.Our uptime as a company is reliable.

We also do something that most web hosts don't. While they look at web hosting as a commodity business or as a financial scheme, we provide IT solutions that combine a few things - stable hardware, effective and advanced software technologies with a human approach that brings knowledge to your business.


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