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If you are a lawyer or law firm but still don’t have a website then you have undermined your very existence, you have thrown away clients and associated revenue. Everybody these days needs legal services either for civil, domestic or commercial affairs. The first place they go to look for such services is on the internet. The search engine they probably use is either google, yahoo or bing; And that’s how other clever lawyers and law firms get business. The question you are probably asking is where? When? And how can your law firm have a website that is professional designed in the shortest time possible? The answer is Efoundation IT (U) Ltd, Uganda’s finest website Design company

We design websites for Law firmsProspective clients and other attorneys are looking to the web now more than ever to gather information and research law topics. The quality of the development and design of your web site reflects the quality of legal service you provide. Our team understands web site design for lawyers, and the development and promotion services they need. The Efoundation IT law web design Team provides more than just pretty web design and outstanding search engine ranking for your site. We provide advice and opportunities to gather the best prospective law clients, and we do it for the best price in the market. Attorneys and law firms use the web to replace other media on an increasing basis. aaaOur professional designs and internet marketing will help your law firm stay ahead of the curve.

Yes! We help our learned friends come up with the right type of website to portray their image and expound their services. This is only possible because we understand our client's niche which enables us develop a website that fully represents their services and lets them stay at the top of the search engine rankings.  This is the combination that allows a law firm take full advantage of the internet marketing industry. Taking the time to understand what our client do is how Efoundation IT (U) Ltd takes a little known company to the next level in a subtle let resolute approach.

We offer Continued Support

Efoundation IT (U) Ltd feels that having a close relationship with our clients allows us to be more effective in creating websites and marketing campaigns that represent that client well. We are in continued contact with our clients to ensure they are being provided the services they want and need. Once we have created the perfect site for our client we do not simply disappear from the picture. We are there with regular support through maintenance of the website when necessary and continued adjustments to the marketing campaign as your firm changes and the interest and needs of the target audience change.

Our legal website design department was founded for attorneys. Efoundation IT (U) Ltd does not sell or share your information with any entity. Feel free to Contact Efoundation IT (U) Ltd for more information on how we can help you create an internet marketing website and plan that will bring your firm to beat the competition

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