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Website Maintenance Services

It is also important that your website has fresh content on a regular basis as this will help search engine rankings and ensure that visitors have a reason to keep returning to your website.

As a result, In addition to our regular Website Design services, Uganda's Professional Website Design Company is happy to announce our Professional Website Maintenance packages has been launched for clients who do not have the time or man power to update, debug, edit content, add news, backup and run general maintenance of your online profile.


Efoundation IT has extensive experience in managing and running websites so let us take the pressure off you by ensuring that your website is current and up-to-date as and when you require.

It is paramount that your website content is updated  on a regular basis so that it continually displays accurate information to your users. Whether the content is images, product information or promotions, your information needs to be correct to ensure it is current, interesting and sells your product and service.

We offer Website Maintenance and Update Services

We offer you the ability to outsource your content maintenance including HTML coding. We will make all the relevant content changes so you can spend your time and energy elsewhere in your business.

Our service is offered on an ad-hoc, daily, weekly or monthly basis and we also offer trials so that you can decide whether this solution is the most appropriate for you. Please note that the service is only offered to websites who currently use a Content Management System (CMS) or program in HTML.

Our Costs are very affordable as we know exactly what to do unlike other "website designers" who instead choose to outsource this service from competent folk like us and then charge you a cost that will wind-down your business... talk to us


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