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“Our goal is simple: Increase your hotel's reservations through your website by implementing the latest technology, SEO techniques and internet marketing solutions, Uganda’s Leading Website Design Company strives to be your hotel Internet marketing partner”

Hotel Website Design Services in UgandaWhether you own a hotel, guesthouse or B&B, we will show you how to showcase your establishment to your potential customers using the latest web technologies the  industry has to offer . A website is one of the most important decision making tools when booking holiday and business accommodation,  If you don’t have a website, then you have lost a lot of revenue because clients abroad don’t have access to the local hard copy directories distributed by local firms, they will go by what is established on the internet!  Yes! A decision to stay at your hotel will depend on how organized your website is. A bad website normally casts a bad shadow on a business. In this century, you have to make every effort to keep your website as neat and updated as frequently as possible (with relevant information ofcourse.

Efoundation IT  has developed a winning modus operandi for hotel websites. We take hotel website development beyond design and create the right balance between, navigation, usability, functionality, structure, visuals and content.

Your website design will have the look and feel that best fits with the image and style of your hotel or resort to communicate the experience guests can await.

We don't just build hotel website designs that looks flashy, we sit with your team and come up with a hotel website template that is built with Search engine optimization of website content, website meta-tags, website keywords and site structure to ensure that you get maximum visits of the right traffic. Your hotel web site will be set with standards and specifications to ensure you rise above your competition on search engines like google, yahoo and Bing.  We will make sure it nets It will be well positioned for a broad range of keyword searches and market segments.

We’ll provide you with a website that provides your customers with everything they need to make the decision to stay at your establishment and provide you with something that is easy to manage, easy to maintain and potentially save you money from unnecessary advertising.

Contact us to discuss how we can work together to improve your Hotels Global presence and image


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