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Standard Website Design Package

Our typical Web site Design Packages entail all that a small business requires to position its business on the internet, with the exception of internet marketing, a domain name and fees for hosting web pages on a web hosting service computer.  

  • What we include in a standard design package

 A web page can be any length, unlike a piece of paper. We suggest that it be about three screens long as the practical maximum length.

A web site would typically consist of about ten pages of information about your business, your products or services, your expertise and staffing,

  • Website Text:

Many websites choose to display a short explanatory text in a prominent position of their web page layouts to inform visitors what the purpose of the site is. This introductory text, when crafted well, can help users quickly decide whether they’re in the right place or not. Our website layout experts will help you craft introductory text for different sections on your website.

  • Website Photos and Graphics:

A website will look so much more beautiful if the right kinds of photos are presented either in a gallery, video or flash section on the home page. When you supply us with pictures, we will evaluate and professionally  choose those that blend best in your website design. These can be from your existing printed sales material, or we can suggest appropriate illustrations in our design. We also have a stock of royalty-free images that can be used without running the risk of copyright infringement. If you don’t have any photos for your website, please point this out early so that we don’t have to keep waiting for photos that are not  there J

  • Custom Graphics:

We custom design a mast head for your web site pages. This usually reflects your company logo, but in colour, if you have one. We are careful to reflect the appropriate "corporate and professional image" your organization projects and requires. We strongly believe that graphics should assist the viewer in locating information on your site and not become the attention grabbing focus of your pages.

As a matter of course, all your graphics are carefully optimized to balance the best possible appearance with the fastest download/viewing time.

  • Background Design:

We also design a matching appropriate background for your pages. We believe that your background design should be fairly simple so that it does not get in the way of your message. Your background will also probably include a band of color or pattern, usually along the left side of the Web site. It is here where people expect to find navigation aids and information about your site. Think of chapter headings in a book.

  • Website Contact Form:

One of the most powerful features of your Web site will be an order form or enquiry/response form. People who visit your site will give you their name, address, phone number (if you ask), as well as details about information for which they are looking. All this is very valuable marketing information about potential customers or clients who are interested in your products or services. You can also use this as an order form. One form is included with each of our sites.

  • Other Standard Features

A site is incomplete without these tools:

  • Navigation Bar: To enable users find pages easily
  • Hit counter: to see roughly how many people are visiting your site.
  • Internal Search Engine: to assist your visitors in locating information on your site.
  • Email contact: to permit visitors in asking you basic questions.
  • Disclaimer, copyright, trademark and privacy protection statements

Efoundation IT ensures these items are included in your basic design package.

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