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Our Strategy

Our complete website planning strategy.

For a website, you need a domain name, a hosting account and a well thought out design that actually meets the needs of your business or organization. 
All too often, businesses implement a website only to find it doesn't work for them. Usually this is due to poor planning or no web strategy at all.

If your website is more of an expense than a business asset, you probably need to review your website strategy.If you are considering a new website or have a site that is not performing well and you don’t know how to proceed, you may benefit from our strategy and planning services.

We will help you define a clear  well defined web strategy. This includes the intended purpose for having a website, articulating your business goals, target audience and competition and then suggesting ways to ensure your online presence is specifically targeted to deliver the results you expect.Once your web strategy has been defined the planning of your website will be designed to support the basis of that strategy.

Focusing on your target audience, how to connect to your customers and motivating them to do business with you.We then plan and implement a search-engine friendly architecture that promotes accessibility and usability from the start. This ensures your site will gain relevant and targeted traffic with a sustainable foundation that supports positive growth for additional features and requirements in the future.

We will determine what makes your brand unique and create a professional style guide to ensure a consistent display of your identity to promote its visibility and appearance and drive action.Web applications provide your visitors with an enhanced and more effective experience, significantly increasing your customer’s engagement. Based on your web strategy we will create a solution that matches the right online features and tools to your specific needs.

If you don’t have goals or a  Well defined and comprehensive website strategy, you’re throwing away potential clients and going nowhere on the Internet. That’s why critical thinking drives our website planning.This leaves our elite team thinking on technical strategies on how to enable your site get maximum hits by your web audience.

Before making any recommendations, we analyze the past and present performance of your existing site. Then we conduct competitive analysis to find the strengths and weaknesses of your competition’s websites.

Finally, we research your target audience to find out what they want and expect. With all this knowledge and any special requirements that you may request, we provide Internet consulting, complete with strategic website planning, to help you meet your business goals.




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