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why everyone needs a website

Currently, most folks whether self employed or working for someone, will without doubt have an email id, a mobile phone and most likely a business card. But most of them would say no or appear hesitant at the idea of having a website or a blog of their own. The reasons for not having one could range from arguments like why have one, or lack of technical knowledge, embarrassment (or fright) of having a website and let the whole world know about them.. However, contrary to what most folks think having a personal website or a blog has several advantages and immense benefits to almost everyone today as outlined below.
1. A website is one of the easiest and cheapest ways of telling the world about your hobbies, talents, thoughts or business by spending a very nominal sum of money. And anyone who has some knowledge to share or sell will benefit from having a website today. In today's competitive world you need every advantage you can to showcase yourself and your talents. Your website can be used to promote and grow your hobbies and services, expose your talents to the world and customers who are interested in what you do, improve your personal and professional image, get acquainted with folks who have similar hobbies and interests, sell your goods, give free or paid advice, etc. For example, if you are in a creative business like writing, publishing, arts, paintings, etc., you will definitely need a website to display your stuff. Unless you are an extremely famous person hounded by the press, paparazzi and hundreds of fans, you will need a personal website or a blog that portrays who you are, what you do, what you know, your accomplishments and how to get in touch with you.
2. A website helps you promote and advertise your company worldwide. By having a website, you allow your customers to find you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you are in a competitive business and your competitors have websites but you don’t, then you are already light years behind no matter how great your products and services are. A website shows that you are in tune with modern times and new technologies. With a website you can offer complete details about your products and services than just listing your business in a microscopic yellow pages section or periodically providing some expensive newspaper or magazine advertisements. Another advantage with a website is you can update and revise your products and services as many times as possible with minimal cost and effort.
3. Websites and blogs today can also re-establish contact with your long lost friends and buddies. It provides a method of contacting you through search engines and social networking sites. Having a website also helps folks distinguish you from someone who have an identical or similar sounding name. For example if folks googled you and reach your website with your photo it will prove that you are not the same guy as that suspected serial killer the police are hunting for, who coincidentally has the same name as yours. :-)

4. Of course, as with anything there are Do's and Don'ts and your website must be managed responsibly. That means no posting of inappropriate information, your company’s confidential information, foul mouthing folks or your employers, linking to questionable sources, plagiarizing from other sources, peddling illegal stuff, etc. What you post on your website must be eligible personal information, shareable stuff and publicly available information that are freely available from other sources.

5. Finally getting a website need not be a complicated, expensive or frightening business. It is possible to get a simple website for as low as a hundred dollars. With some simple online software and tools it is possible for you to create a decent website within hours or days if you have the content ready. And contrary to what most folks think your website need not be a super duper or glamorous one. It can be as plain and simple as possible. The content can be in the form of text or images. And there are several reputed organizations and freelancers who can create and maintain a great website for a small fee. Or if managing a website seems daunting you can easily get a blog, which is a vanilla version of a website that you can use to upload text and images very easily.
You can use our services and get a website today! Your domain name and Email system can be set up in a couple of hours while the rest of the content can be done in 1-5 days depending on the complexity of the project.

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