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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

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We offer Internet marketing services for Businesses who are serious about getting sales. We gurantee results!  

Domain name registration

Domain name registration

A domain name is a brand name

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Web Hosting

Web Hosting

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We host a number of websites very reliably and provide dedicated support for our clients. We use the latest technology…

Website Design

Website Design

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Political and Campaign Websites

Are you interested in a campaign website for an upcoming election? Whether you are running as an independent candidate or on a party ticket, we are here to contribute in securing your landslide victory.  Get that edge over other clueless candidates. Efoundation is here to make it happen, we will help you establish a rocksolid social media presence, an emerging trend you cannot afford to ignore. Don't reinvent the wheel, Our dedicated team is experienced and at your service. Call us or a talk about an easy campaign website.

 If affordability and convenience are important factors in your decision-making, then our easy to update campaign website package is the best website solution for your political agenda..  We have provided winning campaign website solutions for candidates on a variety of levels, including school board, city council, state legislature and congressional elections.

Candidates choose Efoundation IT  because we offer a comprehensive and convenient service at a price that no other provider can match.  Learning web design and setting up the campaign website is not a task you or your staff should spend time on.  Leave it to us.  We handle all the details related to the campaign website, including domain registration, hosting setup and uploading all of your website content.

Call us before wading into the technical details.  We provide domain registration, website hosting setup as well as setting up your campaign with e-mail addresses that match your domain.  Using a gmail or yahoo e-mail address for your official campaign e-mail is one of many common mistakes campaigns can make.  We will make sure that your campaign website and other online communications give you the professional edge in your election.

We will also upload all of your website content.  This frees up you and your campaign team to focus on other areas of your campaign. We don’t expect you to spend time learning a computer language just to set up your campaign website.  Just send us your website content and ideas and we will handle the rest.

Full Service Campaign Website Design

All of our campaign website templates include a wide selection of features:  Donation integration, e-mail sign-ups, volunteer forms, contact forms, photo and video galleries, voter information, bio and issues pages, social media integration and much more.  Plus, we offer custom logo and branding packages that can be used for a variety of purposes, including web, print, yard signs and clothing.

We will stand with you throughout your entire campaign.  We offer superior service and customer support and are available to make any updates to your campaign website as you approach election day.  Do you have new photos from a political rally or do you need to post an upcoming event?  No problem.  We are always available and will make sure that your campaign website is up-to-date. We can also provide administrative access to your campaign staff if you would like to appoint a team member to manage your website updates.

Remember, having a successful online strategy involves more than just building a campaign website.  Your website should be just part of the strategy of leveraging the internet to reach potential voters.  We know how to spread your campaign message across the internet and to capture more votes on election day. Getting an early start on the campaign trail is important. Let’s start today.

Our political websites are carefully designed for political candidates. As a politician, having a website makes it easy to build and maintain your campaign website. Accept donations, recruit supporters, add events and upload photos, build your e-mail list, run a poll and more!

With over 10 years experience in dynamic website design, the our political website package is the easiest way to get a powerful and great-looking site!

It’s easy to get started, with NO long-term contracts or hidden costs. We have four affordable options designed for any budget. Choose the option that’s best for you.

Order now and have your website up in minutes! With our built-in tools and design customizations, you won’t need to hire expensive web designers or programmers.

Maintenance of Website

You  have certainly heard this before, we mentioned it once and will not hesitate to highlight the importance of updating a website. Once you have established a website, thats a big accomplishment because setting up one requires time and resources, you get the 'spirit' of this article. Although, it’s been quite a journey but you are not yet there, not just yet. You need to focus of adding quality website content that will feed the information hungry world out there and the right sort of updates and thats how you get to 'smoke' the competition right back to stone age. Besides adding quality content one thing that most people always ignore is the importance of updating the content management systems along with plugins or extensions that have been integrated into the website or blog.

Read more: Maintenance of Website

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