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Good SEO work only gets better over time. It’s only search engine tricks that need to keep changing when the ranking algorithms change.

Educating you about SEO best practices and arming you with a roadmap for success allows you to keep your website optimized long after we've done our job, ultimately saving your company money.

We are dedicated to helping your business successfully and effectively integrate search marketing into your overall marketing strategy

One mistake that many businesses make is that they never choose domain names that are related to their keywords. Marketing of such websites is usually an uphill talks.  At Efoundation IT, we help you choose the most appropriate domain name for your niche. Having the right domain name can get you to the first page in a much shorter time than the reverse. You have got to pick a domain name with SEO in mind, this will make SEO cheaper. When possible you want the links pointing at you to use your keywords in them.  Many online directories are more inclined to link to you with your keywords in the link text if they are also in your official site name or domain name. It is usually a good idea to use your keywords in your domain name when possible.

At Efoundation IT, We build your website from the ground up. This starts by picking the correct keywords.  What are Keywords? Keywords are phrases used to search find your website. At Eoundation SEO department, we help you pick your keywords and create pages focused on them. You can only focus each page on a specific keyword phrase or few specific keywords. One of the best tricks to SEO is to gain traffic using many pages focused on specific terms vice focusing on broad single word terms. Specific terms are usually easier to rank well for and often have a higher conversion rate.


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