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Efoundation IT (U) Ltd offers a hassle free domain name registration service. Without a domain name your business is practically invisible on the Internet. A domain name should be one of the foundations for your business online. It can help promote your business, your products, differentiate you from your competitors, push you into new markets, and protect your brand on the Internet.

Advice: When registering a business, pick a name that matches your domain name. In short, first register the domain name then register the business name. Its an SEO strategy that translates organic website traffic to sales... 

Choosing a domain name comes down to understanding your niche. What industry is your business in?  What products or services do you sell?  If someone doesn’t know your business name how would they contact you?  What exact phrase would they search for right before you would want them to find you?  The answer to all of these questions revolves around keywords.  Search engines use many factors to determine how websites get ranked and they place a significant amount of importance on the keywords within the domain.

Uganda Domain name registration company

If leveraged and developed correctly by a keen owner with good strategy from a website design company, keyword domain names can:

  • Increase traffic to brand content
  • Strengthen brand awareness
  • Maximize findability
  • Position a company as the leading authority on relevant content
  • Convey market dominance
  • Establish instant credibility
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