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 Great Dynamic Websites, Reliable Web hosting, Domain names, Internet Marketing and Ecommerce, Search engine ranking and website traffic, social network advertising, whatever your needs are, we provide seasoned ideas that will actually work.  We don't bring guess work to the table we bring experience, the kind every business needs in the internet age

Efoundation IT (U) Ltd. offers the most amazing high ranking website packages and the cheapest most affordable prices. Our web designs will give your business have the most professional presence available on the web. Our affordable web designers will customize your site for the lowest price you'll ever find. We will beat ANY competitor's prices. Nobody offers a more affordable web design service!

We have turnkey handyman websites, turnkey photography websites, turnkey business websites, turnkey wedding web design, turnkey business design, turnkey business templates, turnkey automotive services, turnkey home service web design, turnkey construction we design, turnkey contractor websites, turnkey home improvement, turnkey solutions and more. We have a turnkey website for any of your needs! If you don't see a turnkey design that fits your business; No problem, we will design a new turnkey website for you at no extra charge.

We Design The Best Websites

Let Uganda’s finest website Design Company put you into one of our targeted profile domains and let your business grow today. Our targeted domains is geared to get your company better placement on Google, yahoo, and bing without the need for expensive SEO!

We are so sure that you will be completely satisfied with your website We are successful only because we make YOU successful. Our mission is your success.

Turnkey Websites For Sale

There's thousands of people in your area looking for YOUR SERVICES. Where do these people search? Google, Yahoo, and Bing. They are looking for your website! Is your business visible on the major search engines? Is your website professional and functional?

Your business needs an affordable, fast and reliable website solution. Efoundation IT is the nation's premier web developer for turnkey website designs and custom web development. We have the most affordable solutions for creative web design services.

Our affordable web design services sell targeted keyword industry specific websites. Our web design is the best in the industry and the most affordable. We have the most experienced web designer in the business.

Why should you choose a turnkey website?

Efoundation IT professional website designers are at the very top of the industry in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and the rest of Africa. Our focus is on creating beautifully designed, functional, keyword targeted web sites. Your website will be produced fast and be of the highest quality. We have a large staff of awesome website designers ready to tackle all of your website design needs.

We offer a variety of custom, affordable website design & services.Let us put together an entire web package or select only the service you need.

Contact us for information and pricing of the following types of sites

· Informational Site 

· Dynamic Site

· Catalog Sites

· Store Front

· Online Forms

· Site Maintenance

Website Presentation

· Logo Animation

· Banner Ads

· Splash Pages

· Animated Buttons

· Slide Shows

· Custom EffectsDomains

Logo Design

· Branding

· Print GraphicsWebsite Design Company

· Web Graphics

· Advertisements

· Digital Images

Shopping Carts

· Electronic Forms

· Database

· Merchant Account

· Interactive Forms

· Mailing Lists


· Domains

· Hosting

· Secure Server

· Keyword Analysis

· Site Optimization

· Submissions



Standard Website Design Package

Our typical Web site Design Packages entail all that a small business requires to position its business on the internet, with the exception of internet marketing, a domain name and fees for hosting web pages on a web hosting service computer.  

  • What we include in a standard design package

 A web page can be any length, unlike a piece of paper. We suggest that it be about three screens long as the practical maximum length.

A web site would typically consist of about ten pages of information about your business, your products or services, your expertise and staffing,

  • Website Text:

Many websites choose to display a short explanatory text in a prominent position of their web page layouts to inform visitors what the purpose of the site is. This introductory text, when crafted well, can help users quickly decide whether they’re in the right place or not. Our website layout experts will help you craft introductory text for different sections on your website.

  • Website Photos and Graphics:

A website will look so much more beautiful if the right kinds of photos are presented either in a gallery, video or flash section on the home page. When you supply us with pictures, we will evaluate and professionally  choose those that blend best in your website design. These can be from your existing printed sales material, or we can suggest appropriate illustrations in our design. We also have a stock of royalty-free images that can be used without running the risk of copyright infringement. If you don’t have any photos for your website, please point this out early so that we don’t have to keep waiting for photos that are not  there J

  • Custom Graphics:

We custom design a mast head for your web site pages. This usually reflects your company logo, but in colour, if you have one. We are careful to reflect the appropriate "corporate and professional image" your organization projects and requires. We strongly believe that graphics should assist the viewer in locating information on your site and not become the attention grabbing focus of your pages.

As a matter of course, all your graphics are carefully optimized to balance the best possible appearance with the fastest download/viewing time.

  • Background Design:

We also design a matching appropriate background for your pages. We believe that your background design should be fairly simple so that it does not get in the way of your message. Your background will also probably include a band of color or pattern, usually along the left side of the Web site. It is here where people expect to find navigation aids and information about your site. Think of chapter headings in a book.

  • Website Contact Form:

One of the most powerful features of your Web site will be an order form or enquiry/response form. People who visit your site will give you their name, address, phone number (if you ask), as well as details about information for which they are looking. All this is very valuable marketing information about potential customers or clients who are interested in your products or services. You can also use this as an order form. One form is included with each of our sites.

  • Other Standard Features

A site is incomplete without these tools:

  • Navigation Bar: To enable users find pages easily
  • Hit counter: to see roughly how many people are visiting your site.
  • Internal Search Engine: to assist your visitors in locating information on your site.
  • Email contact: to permit visitors in asking you basic questions.
  • Disclaimer, copyright, trademark and privacy protection statements

Efoundation IT ensures these items are included in your basic design package.

Christmas Discounts on Website Design

Still Don’t have a website… or have one that is looking dull, gloomy, outdated or old? Uganda’s Leading professional Website Design experts are here to help!!  Our Christmas Gift to you is a 10% Discount on all hosting plans, a 10% discount on .com domain names and a 15% Discount on our Design packages. Yes! Whatever excuse you have is out of the window!!

Christmas Discounts on Website DesignThe ultimate countdown for the festive time of year has begun,  This could be the right time to either rebrand your website or get a new website, what better way to get into the new year with a dynamic, vibrant and beautiful website.

The enthusiasm of color and fun in Christmas has not only influenced our day-to-day lifestyle but it has also affected virtual world. If you have a website, you will definitely want to introduce little bit of changes in your website for making it more attractive. Do not care a fig about the expense. Tight budget will not be constrain any longer as Uganda’s Finest Website Design Company is offering flat 15% discount on Christmas website design for celebrating this auspicious occasion. This discount offer is applicable for all types of web design services from 1st December 2013 to 1st January 2014.

Some outstanding merits of Efoundation IT’s special Christmas web design offer:

  • Unbelievable 15% discount on any type of design
  • We treat each client individually.
  • Keen observation on the quality of service offered.
  • The ordered service will be delivered on time.

Christmas has always been associated with joviality and happiness. Besides adding spice to our daily lifestyle, it opens up a new vista of business opportunities. Therefore undertaking a small renovation plan for your existing website may generate desired output, as it will definitely seize the attention of millions of online viewers. Beside celebrating this special occasion, you as an owner of a website like to give a pleasant surprise to your esteemed online visitors by incorporating subtle changes in your website. No matter whether you want to redesign your webpage partly or entirely, you can avail our exclusive web design discount offer this season.

You can add a little bit of variety in your website by changing the shape of your logo or you can impress the visitors by incorporating a flash intro in it. One can add Christmas symbols in the header portion or whatever he likes. If you have no concept how to make your website attractive in the coming Christmas season, just let us know. Our creative web designers will definitely give shape to your idea.

We have vast experience in Christmas web template design and therefore we can meet your requirement without much fuss. Our special Christmas web design offer will be valid from 30th NOV 2012  to 1st January 2013. So hurry to bag this excellent offer.


Corporate Web Design

Efoundation IT is the region’s leading service provider of corporate Website Design Services. If you are thinking about establishing a striking internet presence, you are in the right place. Order your website today.

Your website is a presentation of your company's status and character — Efoundation IT will help you improve your image.

Efoundation IT delivers exceptional creative services - from award-winning web design to corporate brand development, and naming and slogan creation.

Conceptual Design

Efoundation IT's design team are not just "front-end developers." and "template based" designers. They are experienced in marketing, advertising, usability and conceptual design.

Every graphic, media and content element in your website will have a conceptual design and message.

Gain Competitive Advantage

Most of today's websites are designed by programmers, company's' IT departments or inexperienced web designers using template based CMS without any consideration of conceptual design, uniqueness and quality user experience (UX).

Efoundation IT's design team will give you an advantage over your competitors with a compelling unique design that provides a powerful and appropriate user experience; an experience that the viewer will remember and want to return for the "wow factor."

Efoundation IT sets your website above the others in your industry, because your website will be designed by a team of experienced design, branding and marketing experts.

Efoundation IT Offers Experience

  • Separate design, usability, internet marketing, internet technology, and programming teams.
  • Efoundation IT's design team have experience in branding, marketing, advertising, motion graphics, user interface design (UI), usability and user experience (UX).
  • Efoundation IT will design and deliver for your audience.
  • Efoundation IT will research your competitors and provide you a unique competitive advantage.

Efoundation IT's Focus

  • Your Image and Brand - Efoundation IT will help you improve your image and brand on the web.
  • Unique and Compelling - Efoundation IT delivers designs that stand out and are memorable.
  • Clean and Well Organized - Clean and well organized sites are both helpful and inviting to the user.
  • Optimal User Experience - Your clients will easily find your products and services, and more likely will be inspired to take positive action.
  • Designed for Audience - When designs are tailored to accommodate a specific target audience, there will see more positive results.
  • Conceptual Design - Every marketing element on your website will have a purpose and message.
  • Engaging - Efoundation IT designers create engaging websites that capture and retain users.
  • Research - Efoundation IT researches your competitors and uses the results to deliver the best user experience for your audience, to keep you ahead of the curve and new trends.
  • Latest and Greatest - Efoundation IT stays ahead of the curve, is aware of new trends, and knows when to use them for a client's advantage and when to move past the temporary buzz.


Efoundation IT believes in providing exceptional quality at a great value.

Our strength is based on strong partnerships, honesty and integrity, expert skill levels, good communication, solid teamwork and providing the best value possible for each client.

Our strategic focus is to deliver above and beyond the client's expectations in all engagements.


Tours and Travel Websites

 If you are like most modern tour and travel operators, you’ll want a website design that looks smashing, user friendly, and ultimately encourages your visitors to enquire or book with you. Partnering with Uganda’s Professional website Design Company will guarantee you the peace of mind when it comes to online expansion. Your website (designed by us) will be search engine friendly to help attract visitors. You’ll have administrator access to a password protected user friendly content management system which will allow you to add new content or update existing content to your website. We will be happy to integrate a blog into your website as this is very good for generating interest in your services from all over the world, hence clients hence website that actually makes money as opposed to one that costs money.

Content Managed Travel Websites

The benefits of content managed travel website solutions Websites are hugely important for any business operating in the travel industry. If you want to stand out from the rest of the competition and increase your sales then you will have to provide an excellent customer experience, and content managed travel website solutions are the best way to go about this.

Get more control

To get more from your website you will need to have a large degree of control over its content, and this is exactly what you can get with a content managed system (CMS). Travel companies operating in any area will want to present relevant content and images to provide the users with the information that they require. Rather than going to a designer every time you want an update, CMS travel software allows you to keep your site updated and make necessary the changes on your own without needing to pay a designer. Provide more information Customers want to see lots of information when they visit your website, including the destinations where you operate, the resort in which they may be interested in staying and much more. To improve the experience for them and increase customer loyalty, you should use a CMS website to provide them with exactly what they need to know without having to wait for a web designer to sort it out for you.

Provide details of your latest offers

When you hire experienced travel website designers to work on your CMS website you can also provide information on your offers which will again improve the user experience and help you to make more sales. You may want to display such details as the different offer types, the dates of the offers, the price that you are providing and lots of other features. This will enable you to take advantage of your offers and make them more accessible to customers, which could lead to more sales for you.

Improve your online presence

A strong online presence is essential for any company operating in the travel industry, and content managed travel website solutions can help you to improve yours. CMS software that allows you to present your offers effectively and includes a sophisticated enquiry generator will lead to more enquiries and the chance of getting more business through your website, which is the ultimate aim at the end of the day. Other benefits There are many more benefits of CMS solutions, including: marketing benefits through adding relevant modules; cost-effective; greater focus on SEO; more interesting and engaging for visitors; greater control over content.

Find the right website solution

If you are operating in the travel industry and you want to get ahead of your competitors, improve your customer offerings and boost sales, content managed travel website solutions are a great way to achieve all of your objectives. We offer the solutions that can help you to improve your website and attract more customers, so it is worth considering a CMS when it comes to launching your website.

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