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There are lots of techniques to get other sites to link to yours. One of the most renowned techniques is of work exchanging links. It's  common to find site owners dropping messages on your web-site asking for a link exchange. Before you agree to link their sites, be definite to check whether we have a nice page rank or not. Usually sites with a page rank linking to yours will help you receive a better page rank in the future.


Incoming links are important. Google will analyze all of your incoming links as part of the technique in assigning a page rank to your web-site. in case you do a speedy analysis using Google's  page rank checker & prediction tools, you will notice that it will show how lots of incoming links are pointing to your web-site. Usually a site with PR6 has over 10,000 links pointing back to their site while a PR7 has over 20,000 links. on the other hand is a site with PR10 & we have over 1,300,000 links pointing to their site! It's  rare to discover a web-site with such a high page rank.


However, this technique is slow & takes heaps of time. Imagine this - asking each & every web-site that you encounter to request for a link exchange. It will take the world wide web owner a day to reply & another day to provide a link back to your web-site. I've completed this myself & the general results were not that impressive.


in case you have an fascinating web-site with great content, I'm definite that there would be lots of people linking back their site to yours. one time again, to build a site with nice contents takes time & this will be a long technique.


Of work, in case you do have the resources, you can always pay someone to link back to your web-site. This on the other hand might cost you tons of cash! Contrary, I've seen some sites offering to sell a link for  $1 a year. But in case you expect a site with a high page rank to link back to yours, it might cost you from as little as $5 to over $5000 a month. Paid-to-blog sites such as Blogitive, PayPerPost, Blogsvertise, BlogBurst & ReviewMe has similar idea. Bloggers get paid to weblog about the advertisers & we are necessary to provide a back link to the advertiser's site.

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