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Need a Website?

Need a Website?

You Definitely need an online site. Your business needs an online site. Take a moment, Give it some thought. You may not have a sizable staff or a magnificent office building to bring your clients to, but you can have an online site like the huge boys. The Net has leveled the playing field.

With the financial pressures everyone appears to be facing, it ought to come as no surprise that the Home Based Business arena is growing at an fabulous pace. It would simple to assume that the increase in the number of people looking to start their own business is basically a result of the hard economic times everyone is facing. I happen to think, however, that there is something else at work here.

The Net is changing the way consumers conduct business and is the primary source of information for plenty of people. Think about the way you use the Net and you will start to recognize how purchasing habits are changing. In case you are typical of plenty of consumers you start by doing research on the product that you need to buy. Increasingly that research is done on the Net than a book store or journal. The next step is to search for the best cost and, again, plenty of times this involves a search on the Net. One time a choice is made the acquisition is done. It is true that a typical brick and mortar retail operation might be the place of purchase. However, the Net is gaining a bigger market share every day. The traditional retailers are not happy about this and are quickly adapting to this trend by having an online site for their consumer to make purchases from if that is their desire.

According to a recent survey, the huge majority of US little businesses can attribute some portion of their annual sales to having a presence online. In fact, 78% say they benefit from having a Web-site. , over one-half think their site gives their company more credibility, while 33% say it is their strongest promotion tool. Every business ought to have an online site. If created properly and nurtured faithfully it can add credibility and increase client trust without you having to lift a finger. And it works when you can't afford an office. At a conference a few months back an auditorium of millionaire business owners was asked to raise their hands if they have used the Net to research a feasible purchase within the past two days-Their upraised hands and arms made that room look like a wheat field at harvest time.

And indeed it was. The Net is quickly becoming the number one medium for little business. It's become the final product catalog, information encyclopedia, sales brochure and travel guide.

Are you prepared to take a brand spanking new look at the net?

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