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Competitor Analysis Service

Competitor Analysis

Efoundation IT helps Identify your online competitors and their strengths and weaknesses and Improve your own website’s performance and out-perform those competitors. We did this for our own website, we can do it for you too!!

A competitive analysis reveals the search marketing strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. Knowing what your competitors are doing empowers you to develop powerful strategies with us to ensure that your business outperforms theirs.

So if you wonder, why your competitors are ranking above you, have higher margins or simply are where they are for your keywords, and you are not, then it’s time to perform a competitive analysis!

What online marketing activities have they undertaken? How have they approached these activities?

Knowing about the techniques that work for your competitors – and the overlooked or poorly implemented ones – is a key step to outperforming the competition by enhancing your own website.

How We Analyze Your Competitor’s Strategies-We grab their advantage :)

Don't raise your eye brows, what we do is perfectly legal and legit. Our broad and comprehensive experience in internet marketing allows us to analyze and uncover all of the key areas responsible for the performance of your competitors’ websites

Search Engine Optimization – did your competitors improve their organic search engine performance? Which techniques were employed and how did they do? How you can use this knowledge with us to outperform them on the major search engines

Pay Per Click Advertising – are your competitors advertising on common pay per click channels? What keywords are they bidding on in paid search campaigns? We can replicate their Pay Per Click strategy for you and use their market knowledge and PPC marketing experience (they tested a lot longer than we then)

Other marketing tactics - are your competitors using strategies such as social media marketing or affiliate marketing? Are they working for them and can we replicate what they do for them?

Domain and Website trust, quality, usability and accessibility – are your competitors websites attractive to Google and the visitors they receive from it? Are they easy to use and accessible to all? Maybe you can exceed the visitor satisfaction of your competitors and finally outperform them because THEIR users like your site better and switch over.

Why you need Competitive Analysis

If you have no detailed analysis about your competitors strategy and techniques, it’s way harder to even try to beat them. A common approach in Internet marketing for many industries is to find out what the best do and try to adapt it but do it better!

Our Competitive Analysis guarantee

We know what to look for, because that’s what we do on a daily basis.

We have years of experience doing competitive analysis in a broad range of industries that allow our clients or us to develop strategies to outperform their competitors.

What’s next?

If you would like to talk with one of our sales representatives about our competitive analysis services and how the knowledge gained about your competitors could help you boost your own site’s performance, feel free to call our hotline 0772-960760 at any time, or contact us through our online contact form.

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