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To put it simply, SEO link building is networking on a virtual level. You are judged by prospective clients and search engines, and this is partially based on your reputation, which in many cases is who you know, just as much as what you know. Therefore, implementing effective link building strategies with other websites that have an established and respected reputation not only generates more traffic to your site it also ensures that you attract the right audience to make every hit count.

At Efoundation ITwe provide expert link building services as an integral part of all of our optimisation packages, to make sure you’re linked to high quality sites and connected with the right people that can steer relevant traffic your way.
We offer several innovative and latest and effective link building service

Quality not just quantity

There are still many misconceptions about SEO link building, the main one of which is that any web exposure is good exposure. This is not the case and effective link building strategies are vital to ensure that you make the right impression on the search engines and your target audience.

You wouldn’t put unfinished sentences in a printed company brochure or advertise in a publication that had nothing to do with your sector. Yet, due to ineffective link building strategies, many people do just that on the web through broken or irrelevant links. As professional providers of link building services, at Efoundation IT we concentrate as much on what we take out and repair as what we put in, to ensure the most valuable links and produce effective results.

All of our SEO packages include effective link building services aimed at creating a high-end, clean presence on the web, by focusing on the removal or repair of broken or defunct links, optimising internal link building strategies and targeting SEO link building to other relevant and reputable sites.

Only connections that matter, you need important backlinks not random backlinking

It’s always good to have friends in high places and the web is no exception, which is why having effective link building strategies to connect with high calibre sites is crucial to fully realise your potential. But, SEO link building is a two-way relationship and to attract the right partners you need to have the right tools. If you have a good reputation on the web and provide great products or services, other good sites will want to be associated with you and vice versa.

This is where our expert link building services come into their element. Through combining high quality content with superior reputation management and clean, relevant links, at we can make the right connections for you.

Expert link building services

By employing effective link building strategies we can target authoritative sites and blogs such as educational establishments, government bodies, professional bodies and other respected pages, which in turn increases your online reputation with your audience and the search engines. This then becomes self-perpetuating as the more your reputation improves, the more high calibre SEO link building opportunities arise.

With link building services included in all of our optimisation packages, you can be sure of making the right connections with the right people at

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